About this Blog

The purpose of this Blog is to share and seek information on the history of Granite County, Montana. In a few cases our topics will lap over into adjacent counties as mining districts especially do not respect the later boundaries imposed by politicians! It is a project of members of the Granite County Historical Society, an organization founded in 1978 by the late Barry Engrav of Philipsburg and now comprised of 8 members dedicated to preserving and interpreting historical documents, artifacts, and sites in the greater Philipsburg area. Our goal is to interest current residents, folks with family roots, and those with an academic interest in the area to add their knowledge to this blog as an ongoing project to deepen and in some cases correct the narrative of the people and events that shaped history in this part of Montana.

The recent explosion of scanned historical documents onto the internet is making it possible to greatly speed up historical research, refine historical chronology, and deepen historical interpretation. Perhaps we are entering into a "golden age" of research into our past!

Anyone with an interest in the Philipsburg area or Montana history is  invited to discuss the topics of our posts, as well as their own data and sources,  which we hope will create an ongoing dialogue about the area now known as Granite County.


  1. Nelson Bennett of the Gold mine is my great grandfather. I will be visiting Phillipsburg next week. Anyone have any information of Nelson or Willard Bennett?

    Please respond: tmwight@att.net

    1. When was Nelson in Granite County and which mine was he involved with? I find a Caleb Bennett as Manager at Combination in the 1900 Federal Census. Do you know when Nelson or Willard were in Granite County. The Bennet name sounds familiar to me as a child.

    2. Willard and Nelson Bennett were operators of the Royal Gold mine during it's heyday. Willard was the mine superintendent and Nelson ran the mill. This mine is the original site of the stamp mill we have erected in Philipsburg as a demonstration of vintage milling technology.
      The Royal mine is located in the headwaters of Boulder Creek east of Maxville.

  2. My great great grandfather was Sheriff Fred C Burks around 1917-1922. I haven’t read many of the blog posts yet but if someone could help me directly I would be forever grateful.