Place Names

This page will be devoted to the names of geographic features in Granite County. In some cases we will explore mistakes in geographic names... for example, Fuse Lake above Sapphire was in fact named for the President of the American Gem Syndicate, Paul A. Fusz, yet somewhere along the way a mistake crept into the spelling. Other known errors include Mount Emerine (should be spelled Amerine after pioneer rancher Erastus Amerine), Maukey Gulch (McKay), Stewart Lake (Stuart), the Port Royal Mines (apparently a designation of the mine "Portal" was somehow grafted onto the front of the name Royal Mines), and Maxville (Macville).
In other cases we will seek information on how certain place names came to be. For example, who was the Ross for which the Ross's Fork of Rock Creek was named?


  1. Hi! I'm interested in origin of names Little Pozega lake and Big Pozega lake. I'm a journalist from Pozega, Croatia and I have stumbled by chance on these toponyms and I'm curios. Is this just coincidence?

    1. Quite a few Croatians settled in the Deer Lodge Valley east of the Pozega lakes and in the nearby mining and smelting cities of Butte and Anaconda. There were Pozegas that ranched in the area and no doubt the lakes were named for them.

  2. Do you know who Warren Peak was named after?