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This page will cover credits for images within the blog. We make an effort to respect copyright and reserve the rights to any previously unpublished images posted on this blog.

The drawing heading the post on the James Stuart mill was originally published in 1904 in the proceedings of the Montana Historical Society as part of an address on Montana History by W.A. Clark. The caption must date from later than 1867 as the mill did not become known as the Hope mill until approximately 1874 when the St. Louis and Montana Mining Company was reorganized as the Hope Mining Company. The date of the sketch itself is not known. The sketch however shows several wooden "wings" which were apparently not present in 1867 as they do not show up in Granville's Stuart's September 6, 1867 sketch of Philipsburg that depicts the mill.

Numerous photos in the blog are courtesy of Granite County Historical Society members. Of particular note are photos from the large collection of professional photographer and GCHS officer Steve Neal of Philipsburg. Other members also have substantial photo collections - for example, the photo of the mill in the Deidesheimer post is from Jim Waldbillig, and several other photos are provided by Dave Harris, Loraine Domine, or Ted Antonioli.

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