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Fred Burr Timeline from 1853 to 1897

The following is an addition to the previous Blog article on Frederick H. Burr. The information was obtained from multiple sources and the references are cited in the body of the article.
Fred came to the western area of Montana in 1853 with the Isaac Stevens Survey for Railroads. He was a trained engineer, but served as a meteorologist for Stevens.
On September 26, 1853 Fred Burr was sent out to look for Landers who it was believed was lost. Fred and an Indian guide were on a mountain ridge (probably the Long John Mountains) near Sunrise when they had to go back due to exhausted horses.
Fred was next appointed second in command to Lieut. John Mullan on the Mullan Road Survey. Thomas Adams also with the survey was appointed Indian Agent and Fred Burr became his assistant. In 1854.  Fred Burr took a Shoshone woman (Mary) as a wife and when he and Adams left the Indian Agency post in 1854 Fred and wife remained in the Bitterroot area. (Mullan and Stevens Reports) The following are known documentation of Fred Burr's timeline from 1853 until his death in 1897.
Fort Owen Ledger published by George Weisel shows (on page 82) accounts for Fred Burr of $51.75 and $188.36 for 1853.
The first documentation in Major John Owen's Journal of Fred is on:
June 22, 1854 (Owen was returning from a trip to the Dalles on the Columbia River where he had traveled in 1853) Mr. Burr and myself arrived at Fort.
June 23..went to Camp Stevens
June 24 Remaind with Mr. Burr and Harris
June 25 Retd to Fort with Mr. Burr
June 26 Lt. Mullan and Mr. Burr left for Camp Stevens
June 28 Mr. Adams and Burr arrived from Mullan Camp. The former going to the Dalles and the latter to Fort Benton.
July 15 Owen was on his way to the Dalles from Fort Owen and met a half-breed Shawnee while searching for his horses. The Indian told him he was from the camp of Burr and Doty that had traveled from Fort Benton and was camped on the Hell Gate River.
October 13 Owen met Tom Adams (Indian Agent) and Fred Burr
October 30 Mr. Burr accompanies me (Owen) on Salmon River trip. (Owen came back to Fort and Burr carried on with the trip)
November 22 the Burr party returned from the Salmon River trip.
November 29 Mr. Burr gone above (to Fred's cabin)
December 21 Mr. Burr gone above
December 22 Burr and Ogden's party returned from above
December 25 Mr. Burr's Snake wife left
Fort Owen ledger (page 82) shows 1854 accounts for Fred Burr of $150.11, $203.61, and $119.15
January 2, 1855 Mr. Burr gone above (probably to buy back his wife Mary)
January 26 Mr. Burr gone below
January 30 Mr. Burr returned to Mission
January 31 Mr. Burr reports Hells Gate River was rising on his way to the Mission
February 21 Mr. Burr gone above
February 22 Mr. Burr returned
March 22 Mr. Burr and Adams gone above
August 10 Met Mr. Burr (both on their way to Fort Benton)
October 1 Mr. Burr arrived at Fort Owen
October 8 Went with Mr. Burr to Mission
November 14 Adams and Burr returned to Fort Owen
During this winter Fred Burr built a log cabin at the mouth of Fred Burr Creek and the Bitterroot River about midway between the present Stevensville and Hamilton (according to Owen and Weisel).
Fort Owen ledger shows 1855 accounts for Fred Burr of $564.70 and accounts for Harris and Burr partnership $400.00 (page 82)
1856 According to documents obtained from the Archives in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Appropriations Act of March 3, 1855 provided funds for the Surveyor General and a survey of the Utah Territory. David H. Burr was appointed Surveyor General and established his office in SLC on July 27, 1855. The survey of the baseline and meridian was begun by Deputy Surveyor Frederick H. Burr in 1856. By the end of September Burr had surveyed the baseline from 4 miles east and 56 miles west and the meridian had been run 84 miles north and 72 miles south.  Other documents show that Burr worked intermittently for John Oween at the Fort plus herded cattle with J. Minesinger and John Powell. They all traded on the Emigrant Road near Fort Hall and Burr ended up with 400 head of cattle. Some reports say that they wintered these animals in the Deer Lodge Valley, but the following Burr Diary seems to dispute this.
Owen Ledger (page 87) F.H. Burr and Thomas Harris account shows $706.50
1857 According to George Weisel (page 81) Burr decided to take his large herd to Califirnia to sell. His horse herd was taken by Blackfoot Indians in the Snake River country and he sold his cattle to a Salt Lake party and returned to the Bitterroot. Some of this is disputed by Burr's personal journal. The journal from the MHS covers 1857 and is detailed below.
March 17, 1857 crossed Blackfoot to Hellsgate
March 18 moved 12 miles
March 20 moved 6 miles
March 21 moved 13 miles
March 22 moved 14 miles. Killed a wolf. Camped at Flint Creek.
March 23 Hellsgate
March 25 8 miles
March 26 to Little Blackfoot
March 27 12 miles and camped on Hellsgate
March 29 to "La_____Grande Course"
March 30 122 miles and camped Hellsgate where we leave it
March 31 13 miles to stream in the hills
April 1 moved 4 miles to rolling hills
April 2 Moved to Big Hole
April 5 Moved to small creek
April 6 camped on Beaver Head River
 Ap[ril 7 Moved to where trail leaves Beaver Head River
April 8 moved across ridge to B.H. Creek
April 9 Up B.H. Creek 10 miles
April 11 14 miles
April 12 8 miles. Black Foot stole all the horse.
April 14 12 miles
April 17 moved 6 miles
April 19 moved about 6 miles
April 20 went to Grant's camap
April 21 returned home
April 22 moved ? miles 2 ox died yesterday
April 23 moved to Grant's camp
April 26 moved camp out of canyon
 April 27 moved about 4 miles
 April 28 camped dry fork of Camash Creek (14 miles)
April 29 1 ox died. Fork of Camash Creek without water
April 30 moved to Snake River. Water pretty high
May 1 moved down Snake River 6 miles
MAy 2 Moved down Snake River
May 4 Moved 10 miles down Snake. 1 ox died
May 5 Moved 11 miles camped with Johnny Grant
May 6 On Snake River
May 20 Moved to Portneuf
May 22 started for Salt Lake
May 24 arrived at Ogden
May 25-30 In Salt lake
May 31 arrived at "my camp" about 9 miles from Barnards (with J. Minesinger)
Granville and James Stuart Diary states during May-June Burr moved camp 9 miles from Barnards and was with Minesinger. June 1 one of Burr's horses was sick and June 2 Burr went to settlement and bought butter.
June 6 moved camp to Divide between Malade and ____Creek
June 7 moved to Cady's Creek
June 10 moved to Soda Springs
June 17 moved camp 10 miles
June 18 arrived at Thomas Fork
June 21 moved to Springs
June 25 to Smiths Fork
July 1 returned from ___Fork
July 6 camped with Buster
July 12 came home
July 13 moved camp to Thomas Fork
July 24 arrived at home in Bitterroot Valley
July 30 started for Fort Owen to Fort Benton
August__ returned from Fort Ben ton
August 19 went to the Fort
August 20 returned
August 22 went to the Fort ___for __digging
August 24 left the Fort
August 25 Brooks (this is the homestead of the future Judge Brooks)
August 26 __?
August 27 Hellsgate
August 28 Benetesse Creek
August 29 ?
August 30 Big Black Foot
August 31 Hellsgate at Gold Creek
September 1 On Hellsgate and Brooks
September 2 Fort Owen
September 3 Home came in route to Fort____
September 4 Fort Owen
September 5 Home
September 6 Brooks
September 8 ?
September 9 Brooks
September 10 Fort Owen
September 11 at home
September 13 at home
September 14 ready to go to Fort Benton
 September 16 5 hours to Flint Creek
September 17?
September 20 arrived at Dearborn
September 21 at Sun River
September 22 Fort Benton
October 4 left Fort Benton to Sun River
October 5 Dearborn River
October 6 Landers Fork
October 7 ?
October 8 ?
October 9 Hellsgate
October 10 home
October 13 went to Fort
October 14 returned
October 18 stayed home
October 19 started to ___slept at Fort
October 20 camped close to __
October 21 arrived at M____
October 22 rode over to Michelles
October 23 bought 15 bushels wheat
October 24 moved to ___
October 25 rode to ___fork. camped at Hellsgate
October 26 arrived at Fort
October 27 Home
October 28 working on chimney
October 31 left for Salmon River
November 1 snowing and raining
November 4 snowing went to Fort and wrote letters to Salt lake
November 5 returned home
November 9 went to Fort to see Adams
November 10 returned home
 November 16 went to Fort
November 17 stayed at Fort
November 21 came home
November 23 went fishing
November 25 at home
November 26 started to and staid at Fort
November 27 came home
November 28 fishing. Indians left
November 29 went to Fort
November 30 Returned home. Snakes came and camped
December 1-6 at home
December 7 went to Fort
December 8 returned. Adams came with
December 11 went fishing
December 13 went to the Fort. J. (John) O. (Owen) arrived
December 15 returned home
December 17 went looking for horses
December 20 returned
December 24 went to Fort. Adams and Michelle
December 27 returned home
Fort Owen Ledger account shows $23.50 for Burr during 1857.

January 2 went to Fort
January 3 returned
The personal diary ends here with about 30 pages of undated tally sheets on the remaining pages.

George Weisel states that in 1858 Fred worked as an interpreter for Owen and was in the Flint Creek Valley and the Big Hole.
Granville and James Stuart Journal states that in April Burr built a corral 3 miles above where Philipsburg is while in a group with the Stuarts to protect their horses from the Blackfoot Indians.
Fort Owen Ledger shows $433.78 for Burr in 1858.

Refer to the Blog post Entrepeneur:Fred Burr for the early part of this year
December 15, 1859 Burr signed a petition with 47 other men at Cantonment Jordon requesting the country east of the Bitterroot Mountains be called "Bitterroot". But the Washington territory named it Missoula. (Mullan report)
Fort Owen ledger shows $48.50 for Burr in 1859.

Weisel states Burr spent the year trading around Fort hall.

Granville and James Stuart Journals:
June 4 Stuarts and F. Burr, wife and infant daughter started for Fort Benton from American Fork. Burr has a good elk skin lodge and the necessary poles which to set it up so they will be well sheltered. (pg. 170)
September 5 Frank Goodwin contracted to build a log house for F.B. for 2 horses and 50# of flour (at American Fork) (page 186)
November 11 J. Grant and F. Burr arrived (in American Fork) from Hells Gate. Brought a letter from Reece Anderson now visiting in Iowa (pg. 189)

April 30 (at American Fork) Burr went down to Lt. Mullan's camp to deliver his two American horses (Old John and his bay stallion) that he sold to Mullan for $300 when he was down there (pg. 205)
May 13 Burr, Powell and Adams dug a hole looking for pay streak--not found
May 14 Burr and I went up to the diggings now called Dixie. Rather liked their appearance and took three claims just below Blake and McAdow on Pioneer Gulch
May 20 working at ditches and sluices. Burr, Powell and I went to Dixie and found everyone hard at work. (pg.209)
May 27 F.B. started for Fort Benton with Mullan's party (pg. 210)
July 10 Adams, Burr and Major Graham arrived from Fort Benton today (pg. 212)
July 17 F.B. and J. Mendenhall started for the old Mormon Fort on Salmon River to get the things hid there by Jack and his party. (pg. 214)
July 20 (Perilous Passage by E.R. Purple) Met F. Burr with J. Mendenhall at Fort Lemhi (pg. 57)
Early August (Purple) Burr told me "I like my children as well as if their mother had been the finest lady in the land. I am in the boat though and must do the best I can. I will send Jenny to St. Louis and have her brought up in some good family. It would never do to take her and Dick to Washington (City). The old woman would raise the devil to be separated from 'em but she'll have to stand it somehow (pg. 111)
August 30 (Purple) traveling with Pitt, Woods, Mandeville, Colburn and Burr as a guide to a new gold discovery (pg. 105)
September 2 (Purple) passed a Nez Perce Indian corral covering 8-10 acres (corral was located in the Beaverhead National Forest north of Wisdom) (pg. 108-109)
September 5 (G & J S Journal) Clark won the gun, Burr the clothing and Worden the Gum Boots (pg. 221)
September 5 (Purple) Burr had a wife "Fink", Virginia (Jinny aged 4 or 5 [probably age 2]) and a boy Dick born a few days before my arrival at Gold Creek. (pg 111)
September 12 (G &J S Journals) Game of poker F.B. won some (pg. 222)
November 6 Reece, Burr, Purple, Fairweather and I (GS) went after the Indians that took Gunn's Ox.
November 7 Burr had the Indian locked up in his house but he concluded he did not want to help us hunt for the white man, so let himself out.

During the winter of 1862-1863 persons in the area now known as Montana at the Big Hole Bridge (Dakotah Territory) were listed as F. H. Burr, James Coulan, Louis D. Ervin and James M. Minesinger ac cording to the MHS Contributions Vol. !, 1876.

January 16 Receipt signed by Burr at the Big Hole River for 31 head of Oxen branded on left thigh and one sorrel horse from Mendenhall to be herded to the Big Hole Ranch (M.G. Burlingame Special Collection at Montana State University, Bozeman [Will be cited as Mendenhall papers in the following items])
February 23 order from Sargent to deliver small bay brought to Burr by Conlin to the Lyon Ranch.
March 19 request by H.H. Lyon for Burr to follow order from Sargent Tisdale to deliver horse to E.C. Stickney. (Mendenhall papers)
April 1863 Purple ran into Fred Burr and J. Minesinger getting timber out to build a toll bridge across the Big Hole River. (pg. 163)
April 2 received of Fred Burr and J. Minesinger 2 "yoke" and 4 head of cattle belonging to Mendenhall and Stickney. Receipt signed by E.C. Stickney and a receipt signed by Fred Burr for $50 received of Stickney (Mendenhall papers)
April 15 Burr and Minesinger were asked by Mendenhall and Stickney to deliver 14 head of cattle to John Grant. (Mendenhall papers)
Purple left his pony with Burr because the pony was lame. A week later the pony was stolen by Indians (pg. 165)
July 20 (G &J S Journals) 16 Flat Head and Pend' Orielles passed returning from a horse stealing expedition with the Crow...They had 2 horses belonging to Fred Burr that the Crow had stolen at the crossing of the Big Hole River...Burr paid the Indians all they were worth for their trouble (pg. 252)
October Burr, Purple, J.SD. Worden and reece (Anderson) were all alone at Gold Creek.

Appointed Sheriff of Deer Lodge County by Governor Edgerton and moved with his family to Deer Lodge.

Ran for Sheriff against Hugh O'Neil and won 835 votes to 788 (Leeson, 1885)

Was delegate to Montana's Constitutional Convention

In the spring Fred Burr assigned his property to James Stuart to be sold and left the Deer Lodge Valley to join Johnny Grant at Fort Gary, Canada.
July 17 letter to James Stuart states he missed "his land of sun and flowers".
October 12 letter from Burr at Portage La Praire to James Stuart acknowledges receipt of letter from James. Discusses family and Madame going to get her "phiz" taken to send to her sisters and other women of her ilk.

Fred was a committee member that set up the Improvement Society at Portage la Prairie and participated in writing the bylaws giving presentations  during these years. Other members were Rev. Henry George, Fred Bird, John Carrigal, George Garrioch and A.C. Garrioch. ("First Furrows")

 Fred wrote an eight page letter from Poplar Point (Rupert's South) Canada to James Stuart on January 12th detailing the Hudson Bay Company selling the land in that area to the Canadian Government without giving any rights to the settlers already working the land. The outcome was the  Rebellion, led by the Metis, Reil. This letter is in the L. Tom Perry Special Collection at the Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

July 19 Burr was in Deer Lodge after a cook had poisoned the food for the NPRR Survey Crew. (New Northwest Newspaper and Flint Chips #50)

The Helena Weekly Herald April 2, 1874 under "The Pioneers: and their whereabouts," stated Fred Burr is in N.Y.

U.S. Census shows Frederick H. Burr in Westmoreland, Virginia working as a farmer. Wife Annie

Appointed Postmaster for Westmoreland, Virginia

Listed in the Washington D.C. City Directory. Employment listed as Civil Engineer, Clerk, Inspector. Last address: 327 C St.  S.E.

June 15 Death Notice for Frederick H. Burr who died June 3 at Baltimore, Maryland (The Morning Times).  Gravestone in Christ Church Cemetery at Forest Hill, Hartford County, Maryland.

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